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Wetlands are a link between land and water and are the most beneficial biological community in the world. Wetlands are beneficial for both people and the wildlife, they improve water quality, provide wildlife habitats, opportunities for recreation, aesthetic appreciation, store floodwaters, maintain surface water flow during dry periods and provide natural products for our use at negligible cost. Thus, it is our sole responsibility to conserve the most efficient ecosystems.

This is where  mansfieldwetlands.org.au comes into the picture. The objective of our blog site is to furnish our readers with information on the wetlands and their development and conservation through community development. We at mansfieldwetlands.org.au provide comprehensive details on the current zoning laws, methods to maintain aesthetically pleasing and effective educational wetlands, the conservation rules and regulations, wise use of wetlands and the rules and regulations to be followed.

Environmentalists, biologists and others concerned about the well-being of the planet Earth and its inhabitants recognise the key role wetlands play. Wetlands, besides containing a high number of plant and animal species as compared to other landforms, serve a diversity of ecological services including sustaining downstream waters, trapping floodwaters, reviving groundwater supplies, removing pollution and providing fish and wildlife habitat. Additionally, they are the key drivers of local economies, given their significance to agriculture, diversion and angling.

We at mansfieldwetlands.org.au through informative and engaging blogs aim to help our readers stay updated on the current wetland issues, keep an eye on local wetlands and encourage them to speak up if something looks amiss.

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